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Drive controls

All DRICO drive controls feature a compact design and high flexibility. Various communication ways between the control and the door or gate are possible. Furthermore DRICO drive controls have been optimized for all latest safety transfers. Equipped with a frequency converter doors and gates can be gently operated due to smooth starts and stops. An additional safety orientated evaluation has been omitted. DRICO drive controls can be found at automatic high speed doors, special cold store doors, all types of sliding gates and vertical doors. ASO´s DRICO drive controls are always reliable, also under extreme conditions.

As ASO Safety Solutions developed DRICO drive controls especially to be customized to customer´s needs, do not hesitate to challenge us with extraordinary ideas.

Your overall benefits

  • Usable for different types of doors and gates
  • High safety standard and conforming to all norms and regulations
  • High efficiency
  • Intelligent and easy to use

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