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General data

Type SENTIR mat 1000mm x 1000mm
Dimension 3.28 ft x 3.28 ft
Height 0.55 in with top
Weight ca. 48.5 lbs (without coat)
Inactive edge max. 0.39 in rotary
Switching pressure cylindrical object 3.15 in = ca. 33.72 lbf
Static weight max. 449.62 lbf on 3.15 in *
Response time max. 25 ms*
Switching cycle min. 10 Mio. *
Electrial strength 24 V 100 mA
Grout polyurethane black
Protection class IP 65
Chemical resistance oil, fat
  10% acids
  10% leaches
Maintenance The mat is maintenance-free
  An annual functional testing is recommended
Connection cable 2 x 0.34 cable sheathing of black PU
*audited after EN 1760-1


Ramp rail (RS 14) Article nr. 603001
Mounting rail (BS 14) Article nr. 603003
Corner connector (EVA) Article nr. 603020
Connecting cable    

Product image

  • Sentir mat
  • ASK 1000x1000

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