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  • Contact edges
    Contact edges
    The SENTIR edge safety contact edges are pressure-sensitive sensors applied to protect at crushing or shearing points.
  • Contact bumpers
    Contact bumpers
    SENTIR bumper safety contact bumpers are safety installations attached to transport vehicles, AGV vehicles, high rack storage areas and flexible systems.
  • Contact mats
    Contact mats
    SENTIR mat safety contact mats are used to safeguard dangerous areas in the entire industrial and production automation.
  • Safety relays
    Safety relays
    ASO´s safety relays ELMON serve to monitor tactile sensors such as safety contact mats, edges and bumpers.
  • Signal transmission
    Signal transmission
    On moving doors and gates ASO-signal transmission systems INDUS have the task to transmit the signal from the moving safety contact edge.
  • Drive controls
    Drive controls
    All DRICO controls for doors and gates feature a compact design and high flexibility.

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